Gangstar Vegas App Reviews

1042 add

So fun

You get to do anything you want its super fun recommend it

Gamester Vegas

its like gta5 on your phone play the game its great


Super fun and it is like the best game ever

Gangster Vegas

One of my favorite games


The game is good on my iphone but when i download on my IOS 10 it says that its nit compatible u really need to fix this..


Basically a gta on mobile

Good gam

Best gam awesem to pla and to think abot life

Best game but cheat sometime on the car races

Grill sauce

Car delivery should be free

I love gangster Vegas but the vehicle delivery prices are way to bad say I buy a car for 200,000$ the delivery cost would be twice the price of the car. The vehicle delivery should be free every time

Suggestion to Add Multiplayer!

This game is just amazing but it would be better if it had multiplayer as well as the ability to steal the weapon of whatever a character has like in the real gta5.


This is a five star game

Great Game

The game is like GTA plus Asphalt Hot Pursuit. Good game and worth downloading. Good graphic and sound. Radio stations is funny, but will get on your nerves. Lack of music only 6-8 tracks for 5 stations.


Just like gta completely jaw dropping I have no words

AWESOME but one thing

The game is very awesome but it uses too much space I understand why but it uses to much space thats my only complaint

Good game ?

I love it?? its all I ever wanted

Awesome but...

Its a great game but you should add some different cars or guns or something like that otherwise its a great game ???????❤️❤️❤️

Cool game

Its a cool game but takes too long to download

Best game ever

Vegas gangstar The best game ever because its lit

Good game

Really fun, unique weapons and lots of new stuff, but maybe u guys can add multiplayer or something like that, it would be much better. Just suggesting and maybe add more weapons that does not need u to be a vip that will be much cooler thx guys


This game is great... but if you want something you have to work really hard for because of the prices!

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